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Best virtual adress for businesses and personal use.

We are building a company that can help you deal with your package in Switzerland easily.

About SwissMailBox
About SwissMailBox


Our story is woven with a dedication to providing a seamless and secure platform for accessing physical mail online.

SwissMailbox traces its roots to a vision of simplifying and enhancing the way businesses and individuals manage their postal needs. Founded with a commitment to providing premier domiciliation services,and a effective virtual adress, our journey began as a response to the evolving demands of a dynamic and interconnected world.

Our Mission

We strive to empower businesses and individuals by providing innovative domiciliation services that transcend traditional boundaries.


SwissMailbox: Innovating with trust, adapting with flexibility, and delivering professionalism – .”where values define our commitment to you.


We embrace innovation as a core value. We continually seek creative and efficient solutions to redefine traditional approaches in domiciliation services.


We are dedicated to providing reliable domiciliation services, ensuring that our clients can count on us for seamless operations.


We tailor our services to accommodate the unique requirements of our clients, offering personalized solutions that adapt to their evolving demands.


We deliver services with the utmost professionalism, reflecting our commitment to enhancing the image and success of our clients.
About SwissMailBox

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form. serves thousands of travelers, expats, digital nomads, businesses, individuals and others all around the world by scanning their postal mail so they can view it online.

We provide plans starting at Sfr 9.99 per month.
You will get a generic address like this : Your name, SwissMailBox suite xxx, 12 rue le Corbusier, 1208 Geneva, Switzerland.

SwissMailBox is providing a real street address like :

Your name + family name


12 rue le Corbusier, suite xxx

1208 Genève


Yes, but you need to select a domiciliation plan to have your own personal address or company address. For business activities it is highly recommended.

Unless you need a specific express service like DHL, Fedex, UPS, we use the national post services on a daily basis. Post services are currently the cheapest option to most destinations around the world. is taking a small forwarding fee and a shipping rate calculator is available online at :

YES, you should have a specific need related to mail forwarding, consolidation or administrative work feel free to contact us.

For mass mailing, we take care of stamps and can add your logo or brand name printed on mails. We can customize information on the envelopes according to your needs. All the contents are sent either to you or your clients just the way you want it.

We are also consolidating mails to save fees on DHL and Fedex, e.g. receiving multiple samples and packing them together for express mail dispatch.

Usually, yes.

However we try to avoid : advertisements, catalogs, presentation folders (except cover letter), books and oversized items.

For parcels, we usually just take a picture and specify size and weight. We can open it on demand and take pictures of the content as well. is conveniently using Credit Card for recurring monthly payments.

However, if you are interested by a yearly payment, we support bank wire SWIFT/SEPA, Twint, Apple Pay,Bitcoins and Etherums.

About SwissMailBox
About SwissMailBox
About SwissMailBox
About SwissMailBox
About SwissMailBox