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Premier postal and virtual address domiciliation services in Switzerland

Explore a new level of efficiency and professionalism with our tailored solutions.


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Shipments Handled


CHF 9,99 /month
CHF 99 /y
  • Generic adress with SwissMailBox on it
  • Payment on a monthly basis for the plan + service fees
  • Minimum 4 months - 1 receiver
  • Perfect for regular purchase in Switzerland


CHF 59,99 /month
CHF 199 /y
  • Personalized adress without SwissMailBox
  • Payment on a monthly basis for the plan + service fees
  • Minimum 4 months - Ideal for companies

One Time Use

CHF 25
CHF 25 once
  • Generic adress with SwissMailBox on it
  • 1 shipment to be received within 15 days
  • Payment based on effective shipment cost
  • Tailored for auction house items purchase

Professionals in need of a virtual office.

→ Are you at the helm of a company or an association?
→ Is your company seeking an address with additional benefits?
→ Does your business require a fixed domiciliation address in Switzerland?

From abroad, make your online purchases in Switzerland.

→ Are you outside of Switzerland?
→ Do you make online purchases?
→ Do you need an address for package reception?

Individuals on the move, in expatriation, or without a fixed residence.

→ Are you currently living as an expatriate?
→ Are you without a fixed residence in Switzerland?

Your Mailing Address in Switzerland : Elevate Your Profile with a Virtual Address

Optimize your business or personal standing with our premium domiciliation services, including a prestigious virtual address. Whether you’re a company seeking a distinguished location or an individual in need of a secure and professional mailing solution, we’ve got you covered. 

Global Mobility, Local Accessibility: SwissMailbox Keeps You Connected

Whether you’re acquiring a single item through an auction company or needing a mailing address for yourself or your business, SwissMailbox has you covered. Explore the convenience of our mail and package forwarding services. We simplify your life by forwarding and scanning your mail and packages to any destination worldwide. 

We pick up, scan, forward and ship anywhere !

SwissMailbox revolutionizes your approach to managing postal mail with its innovative services. Enjoy a secure online viewing option, enabling you to forward and scan your mail and packages from anywhere. Our advanced features allow convenient access to your physical mail securely.

How does it work? !


Real-time tracking of your mail.

Real-time tracking of your mail. Stay promptly and transparently informed about the status of your correspondence.

An all-in-one online software.

Online platform for personalized mail management. Express your preferences and we will act as you wish.

Get an address in 5 minutes.

Simplify the acquisition process and gain instant access to a new address to meet your needs within minutes.

Unveil real-world success stories with our case studies

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As a business, how are we helpful to you ?


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